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The Features of ADM Local Business Pro

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

All of the websites you build using the Local Business Pro theme will be responsive in design, meaning they will look great on all devices when viewed.

drag and drop editor

Drag ‘N’ Drop Builder

Easily drag the different elements on the pages to reposition them to where you feel they’re best suited. You can easily recreate any site you see online.

written copy included

Content Included

Easily add niche content with one-click. We include relevant, well-written, copy and commercially licensed images. We even include a few blog posts.

Licensed image icon

Licensed Images

All of the images we include in the theme are commercially licensed, so you can use the themes as they are with confidence and without risk.

White label your theme

White Labeled Theme

What makes our theme more unique than other WP themes is the fact you can white-label the designs. No one needs to know you’re using our theme.

Fast loading websites

Fast Loading Sites

If you want your website to rank on the search engines, fast loading of your website pages is a big factor. We deliver the site to you to meet this criteria.

ADM Local Business Pro

Easily add different elements to your web pages to make them as entertaining and interactive as possible. Take a look at just some of the elements that are included:

Easily add blocks of text, using the same WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get‘) editor, to your pages and then drag them into position where you need them.

Insert images with animated intros. Make the images clickable to perform different actions, such as opening new pages, popups or to view larger versions of the image.

Easily add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your pages, Or embed a video player to play locally stored videos.

Easily embed Google maps with titles and the option to have single or multiple locations pin-pointed.

Easily add a series of photographs or portfolio into your website without having to add additional plugins.

Want to add scarcity to your offers? A countdown timer, like the one you see on this page, is a great way to get people to act quickly. No need to buy a separate plugin, as this one of the many included elements.

…these are just some of the many elements we include with the theme, and we plan to add more in the future!

Re-Branding The Theme As Your Own

What Our Members Say….


Individual Licenses

We’ve been asked many times by marketers if they can purchase our theme without having to commit to a monthly membership. Well we’ve taken notice, and now are happy to announce the individual license option for those who want it.

Once you’ve chosen the niche you would like, simply decide how many domains that you wish to install that theme on, and then buy enough licenses to allow that.

Once you install the theme you will then be allowed to install the content and images for your selected niche. It’s that easy!

These are the current niches available:

Individual Licenses

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