Who Are We

Alchemy Digital MediaAlchemy Digital Media was formed in Fort Myers, FL, back in 2007 by Earl Gardner and Keshav Basnet. The company began life as a simple website design firm that specialized in working with small to medium-sized businesses.

As time went by the company added other services such as search engine optimization, and video creation. At the time the ‘walk-on’ spokesperson, was very popular on websites, and Alchemy Digital Media was a very big part of that era, and created and embedded many hundreds of the website spokespeople.

Over time, Alchemy Digital Media forged relationships with many online marketers that outsourced their web design and SEO work to Alchemy, and the company has continued to forge good relationships with many online marketers who mainly focus on servicing local businesses.

In 2011, Alchemy Digital Media began creating WordPress themes for marketers that wanted to have more control over the design process and ongoing management of their clients’ websites. Along with the themes, Alchemy would also go on to create many plugins for the WordPress platforms, some of which they sold commercially e.g. the ReviewShield customer review systems, and some of which they only used privately in-house to service their own local small business clients.

The idea for ADM Local Business Pro came about in late 2014, when Alchemy recognized a gap in the market place for fully prepared local business websites that came with content and images in place. There were already a couple of competitors offering this service, but they were both using older style designs which were very limited when it came to  the amount of control the marketers and customers had when it came to the layout of the pages.

ADM Local Business Pro is the result of over 6 months of planning, building and testing, and was launched for a very short period to online marketers. After a short 6-week sales period, the theme was shut down for new subscribers, while the early adopters continued to use the theme for their own, and their clients’ needs. Between then and now, Alchemy has continued to use their Local Business Pro WordPress theme as the platform of choice to their own local small business clients, and also supported those marketers who have subscribed and are using the theme for their own clients.

Since launching Local Business Pro in August of 2015, over 300 installs are now in place, and now with a more stable, and feature improved version of the theme being opened to new subscribers again in late December 2015, we anticipate many more installations.

What makes Alchemy Digital Media different to other WordPress developers is that they continue to market directly to end-user clients, as well as promoting their products to online marketers. Company spokesperson, Earl Gardner, states “we feel it’s important to stay in the trenches and to work directly with business so that we know exactly what their needs are and where they are having problems in being able to acquire the products and services that they need to run their businesses. Hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, means we’re in the best position to determine whether we can help their online marketing processes by building additional products to meet those needs“.

If you are an online marketer, or a small business owner, searching for the best and most cost-effective local business themes for WordPress, then click here to find out more about Alchemy Digital Media’s ADM Local Business Pro premium WordPress theme.